What do I need to do to join?

If you are interested in having your school join the Holiday Gift Shop, contact us at 1-800-665-5656, fill out our application form, or send us an email.

How does the shop work?

We send you all the products, marketing material, gift wrap, take-home flyers and other materials you need to run your shop. You sell as much product as you can, return the rest and only pay for items sold! We’re just a short phone call away all through your shop to help with any issues that may arise.

What are the timings for the contract and shop?

Ideally, schools will complete and submit their contracts before May 15th of each year in order to receive an early signup bonus. We will continue to accept schools into the program based on available space, on a first come first serve basis.

When do the products arrive?

Each year we are open to having shops operate from the middle of November to the middle of December. We start shipping out products to schools as early as the first day of November. Depending on your shop date we try to have all your items at your school two weeks before your first shop day.

How much are the products sold for? How much money does the school make?

We will send you over 100 different products ranging from less than a dollar to $15 on cost. We leave it up to the school to decide how much profit they would like to make on their products. We suggest a minimum markup of at least 10%, but some schools will markup 20% or more.

Do we get to choose the items? Is there a catalog?

We do not have a catalog for you to choose from each year. Each year we have a new gift line, and we will send you all the items we have in our lineup.

How much product will we receive?

We will send you an amount of product based on the student population of your school. We will also use our historical data and sales information that your school can share with us like bookfair or school sale events. Every year we will adjust this amount and we will send you 25% more than we think you can sell so that you don’t run out of gifts for your students to choose from!

What if we do not sell an item?

There is no need to worry about unsold products. You will simply return the items to us at the end of your shop and will not be charged for any of them.

What do we do with missing, broken or problematic items?

There is no need to worry about missing, broken or problematic items. Just keep track of these items, and at the end of your shop we will remove them from for the final bill.

What if we run out of a specific item? Can we reorder?

We send a wide variety of items and if a specific item runs out, there should be a suitable substitute within the rest of our line. If a student wants a specific item that is no longer available at your shop, the school can place a reorder for specific items that will be shipped at a later date. This reorder is treated as an outright sale and items will be added to your final bill. Depending on your location and the timings of your shop, this reorder may not be feasible.